Tuesday, December 17, 2013


After London it was off to Edinburgh in Scotland.  We took a train up and got to see some beautiful parts of the countryside.  We got there right around sunset (which pretty much starts at 3:30 now) and got to explore town a little but by night.  Saturday we woke up early and went for a little hike down the Royal Mile to Holyrood Park, right near the Her Majesty's Royal Residence in Scotland.  We climbed (and I say climbed because it was no walk in the park with the strong gusts of wind and steep inclines we weren't expecting) up a few hills near "Arthur's Seat" to get a great view of the city from atop a dormant volcano.  Then we wandered around the town for awhile, and finally ended the day with a visit to the National Museum of Scotland which was really fun because they had a lot of science exhibits, and science exhibits always have fun stuff for kids that I still find entertaining at 20 years old.  Then it was back to Galway to pack for a few days and to say my goodbyes to the people and places I've grown to enjoy for the last 4-ish months. 
The view of Edinburgh Castle from Castle Rock Hostel
A tartan weaving mill
Sunset from the castle
The front of Edinburgh Castle
Ferris wheel at the Christmas market
On the ferris wheel
Monument to Sir Walter Scott
St. Gile's Cathedral
Inside the National Museum
Here I am seeing what it looks like to see through the eyes of a dragonfly
The lens of a lighthouse beacon--never realized how big they are
Statue of Adam Smith, the man behind "The Wealth of Nations"
Scottish Parliament
Holyrood Palace
Arthur's Seat (or a hill nearby, we weren't sure which was which)
Rachel getting blown away by wind
Calton Hill from a distance
Monument to poet Robert Burns
The National Monument
Monument to Horatio Nelson

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