Monday, December 9, 2013


It's finals week and you know what that means: stress eating!  I only have one exam left tomorrow and I'm actually not that stressed out, but I will take the chance to allow myself to eat some junk food anyway.  Supermac's is Ireland's version of McDonald's and makes delicious French fries with garlic sauce on top.  So tonight I took a break from studying and went with a friend to grab some junk food.  It was worth it! Wish me luck on my exam tomorrow!   Then I'm off to London and Edinburgh on Wednesday before I come home in only 9 days! I can't believe time has flown this quickly. 


  1. Enjoy!! Stay safe. See you soon
    Love Mom

  2. Looks yummy! Good luck on your final and when in Edinburgh you must try cockaleekie soup, wonderful. It is of course chicken soup with leeks and taste so good. Edinburgh was one of my favorite places in Scotland. If you have time St. Paul's in London was amazing, it took my breath away, liked it better than Westminster. Have fun no matter what you do but like your mom says be safe.