Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

For my last service hours at Enable Ireland I was asked to help them decorate their offices for Christmas.  My main task was to decorate a tree for their lobby, and I was happy to do it since I won't be home to help put up my tree with my family this year.  What I didn't realize was that decorating the tree means untangling the lights that someone hastily put away the year before, so I got the privilege of spending two hours trying to find the end of the light string!  I have a new appreciation for anyone tasked with making trees twinkle in the wintertime.  And I now understand why so many people just leave their lights up well into spring, or even year-round.  After I got as close to untangled as possible and tried to hide the knot of bulbs in the backside of the tree I got to fill the branches with ornaments (called "baubles" here).  At the end of my work I had something that looked more like Charlie Brown's tree than the Rockefeller Center tree, but aside from the slanted angle and the tangled lights I'd say I did a pretty okay job.  Only 12 days until I am home and can see my own tree!

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  1. What no picture of the tree, would love to have seen it!